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So, I have a blog now.

Okay, so I have a blog now. I've finally got the CSS mostly sorted out. I want to break the colors out into a separate CSS file so that I can play with colour themes. Oh, holy shit-- I just said that. I've become a theming kiddie. Shoot me in the head. Twice. With an elephant gun. At point blank range.

This was my first major work with CSS, and it's tiresome. Everything rendered fine in IE, and when I got home and used Firefox, it didn't. I keep thinking I understand the box model, and then all hell breaks loose. Tedious!

So, now I need to be trendy and "syndicate" myself. That or, perhaps, post about something interesting. Both, I think, are unlikely.

Broken Dell PC's

(Hopefully Gooogle will eventually index this and others experiencing this problem can feel my ire.)

So, my Customer purchased twelve (12) Dell Dimension 4600 PC's in fall of 2003. Everything was dandy for about sixteen (16) months, and then they began to fail. The symptom is difficulty "powering on" the PC (e.g. pressing the button multiple times), and eventually complete failure. The problem is the power supply, and Dell knows about it. There were several threads in Dell's support forums on these failed supplies where many, many angry people who'd purchased one (1) year warranties were posting.

My Customer purchased three (3) year warranties from Dell, so they're getting these supplies at no cost, but they incurred the cost of a spare (at my request, so that users would not have to be "down" the rest of a day after their PC failed), and it's taking me around thirty (30) minutes per PC to swap the supply with that spare and to call India and talk to Dell to get a replacement shipped.

What a pain in the ass.

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