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Okay, so I told Steph...

I told Steph about the "blog". I guess that means that I'll keep it up.

She laments that I don't email her like I used to. I hope that she won't resent that I'm posting here when I could be emailing her.

Amusing spam "From" addresses

I'm seeing some amusing "From" addresses recently that I'm really, really enjoying. I haven't tried to correlate if they're coming from a common netblock or if the headers say anything amusing. Spambayes takes care of them for me, but I still sift thru the spam folder on occasion. Obviously, it's all an attempt to defeat bayesian filters, but it's not going to work if they intent to convey any human-readable message.

  • Abducted A. Unsaddle
  • Pack Q. Stella
  • Evacuees L. Wyoming
  • Disembowelling S. Gruelled
  • Tyrannous H. Consummate
  • Rancid J. Tranquilizer
  • Causeless L. Fizziest
  • Stabilizing G. Serenading
  • Heinous B. Intermingle

There are so many that are funny that I just can't think they're 100% random. There are nouns, verbs, and adjectives in both the first and last names, so I suppose it is random. They're funny enough of the time, though, that it makes it worth looking thru the spam. "Rancid J. Tranquilizer"... gee... I think I'll buy some V1@GR@ from them. *sigh*

The Mexican Food Embassy?

We tried the new Abuelos in Beavercreek today.

I was very pleased w/ the food, so much so that I actually spoke to Steph about it before she asked me. I think that surprised her a little bit, but I'm not known to speak up about something like that unless it's really good. I live a life of little enthusiasm, if only because I worry that if I'm too enthusiastic all the time it won't be exciting when I find something to be enthusiastic about.

I wish we'd gone earlier, 'cuz now that Steph and I are both dieting, we're not going to get to eat like this very often.

Little sister birthdays

So, I don't do anything to acknowledge my little sister's birthday this year. I'm male and can't remember, eh? Not hardly.

In February, I neglected to call my oldest sister for her birthday. The die was cast for the year, at that point. If I didn't call Elizabeth, I couldn't call Lauren, and then I couldn't call Catherine either. So, I didn't call anybody.

I'm a bad brother, but, at least, I'm consistently bad.

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