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Hocks Pharmacy Update

It figures that I don't have the pictures available now to put up, but I wanted to at least post the facts: The Hocks Pharmacy pictures appear to be legit. The store in question now bears a red and white "HOCK'S" logo, as depicted in the photograph.

American Legion Buckeye Boys State - On-Site Day 1

Today was on-site day 1 for me at the 2007 program. Every year for the last ten (10) years, I've volunteered some amount of time to assist the program with their IT needs. This marks the fifth year that I'm living on-site before and during the program. I'm living in the Darrow Hall wing of the Kreischer building at in Bowling Green, Ohio (KD143, to be exact).

I could certainly go on and on about the program and why I'm so into it, but I'll save that for later postings (or not at all, depending on my level of exhaustion as the program progresses). Hopefully I can throw some links into the live on-site web server once we spin it up. We're just getting started, though. For now, I'll just account some of the day's activities, and start keeping the "official" sleeping / waking hour log...

Today included such festivities as: (1) Driving and driving and driving to get here hours late, (2) replacing a failed hard disk drive in our main file/database server computer, (3) starting to fight with University-owned Windows XP-based PCs that are not properly executing Startup Scripts being assigned by Group Policy in our Active Directory domain.

So, I'm off to bed at 11:35PM local time, after getting a "start" today at, say, 5:00PM. I'm going to try and get up by 5:30AM to get an hour bike ride in before breakfast. We'll see how that goes.

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