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Microsoft JET Sandbox Mode Administrative Template

I'm rolling out JET SP8 onto PCs via a startup script, and I wanted to force via Group Policy. Searching Gooogle for sandboxmode end.policy to see what somebody else might've already written, I came up with only one (1) result, from the MSAPPS-L@LIST.EMWAC.CZ mailing list.

I slashed up the template that Miroslav Pragl posted, and came up with Access-SandBox_SystemDB.adm. Hopefully this will be helpful for somebody-- it's doing that I need. Be sure to uncheck the "Only show policy settings that can be fully managed" checkbox when using this administrative template, since it's not a "fully managed" setting.

Not All the Fun Has Moved

I'm not moving all of the fun over to the on-site BBS blog. I'm keeping the sleeping / waking file up here, since it's probably not very appropriate for the "official" BBS blog.

I got up at 6:45AM. We went to breakfast, etc, and I was at work by, say, 8:45AM. I'm finshing this post and heading to bed, at 2:35AM on Friday.

  • Wednesday: Arrival at 5:00PM, in bed at 11:35PM - 6 hours, 35 minutes.
  • Thursday: Up at 6:45AM, still up at midnight - 17 hours, 15 minutes.
  • Friday: Up at midnight, to bed at 2:44AM - 2 hours, 44 minutes.
  • Totals: 33 hours, 40 minutes on-site. 26 hours, 34 minutes awake. (79% awake)

Feeling: Still goin' strong!

Moving the Boys State Blogging

I've moved the Boys State-related blogging over to the on-site server (eventually to be linked on, and will continue blogging on there. I signed us up for a Flickr account ( and removed all the old on-site photo management / gallery routines. I'm using Blosxom for the BBS blog, just like I am for this one.

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