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Ohio Data Theft - Somethings Fishy...

A friend of mine who worked for the State of Ohio, in information technology at the Department of Administrative Services, says that something is fishy with this recent data theft. He describes elaborate physical security, and management policies that would have made this kind of breach unlikely. He talked about the Ohio State Highway Patrol being used to ferry backup cartridges between facilities, and felt that it was highly unlikely that a policy that sent this data home with an intern (or any other employee) could exist.

My friend's supposition is that some is being "set up" for this. It seems sort of conspiracy-minded, but, then I suppose politics are a bit cut-throat. On the other side of the coin, though, I know how easy it is for large organizations to make really mind-numbingly stupid blunders like this. My friend's words are cause for some additional consideration, so I'm going to keep an eye on this thing. It'll be interesting to learn what the "device" was that was actually stolen (It was valued at $15.00, per the police report).

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