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NTBACKUP under "BartPE"

This post is another in my ongoing series of postings about things that might help other "IT people".

I just built a "BartPE" bootable Windows CD to recover a Microsoft BKF-format backup image for a PC with a failed hard disk drive. I was surprised to get NTBACKUP running under the "BartPE" environment fairly easily.

My CD was built using the Windows XPE 1.0.7 plugin on top of a Windows Server 2003 SP1 slipstreamed CD. I copied NTBACKUP.EXE and NTMSAPI.DLL from a Windows XP SP2 machine into my "custom" folder and burned that onto the CD.

NTBACKUP comes up with an error writing its log file, and complains about the Removable Storage Service being inaccessible, but other than that it works fine. I'm quite pleased.

Off to restore a failed PC now...

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