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Alive and Well in SF

We made it to SF on Wednesday (20071017) in one piece. Flying was nothing if not interesting. The flight attendants remind me more of servers at popular mall outlot restaurants than flight attendants. The first-come first-served seating arrangement is a little strange, too, but Stephanie and I did get to sit together.

I was introduced to Todd Lappin of by way of his article in MAKE Magazine on , and I've been watching his Flickr stream and reading his blog ever since. Occasionally I've spoken to Stephanie about things I've seen in the photos or on the blog, and forwarded some links from time-to-time, so the name Telstar Logistics is familiar to her.

This morning, we were sitting in on Mission Street, splitting a massive cinnamon roll and drinking coffee when Steph says "Hey, that stroller that just went by has a Telstar Logistics sticker on it." I nearly choked on my coffee, and after the initial shock wore off, I sat in awed silence for a moment.

Mr. Lappin, your branding efforts rock. It took less than the first 24 hours of this trip to SF for your logo to been seen and identified. That, sir, rocks.

We had a great day, and walked about 12 miles. I took some nice pictures with the new camera that Steph generously bought me (it's so nice to be shooting with an SLR again after all these years on point-and-shoots), and we got to start using our 7-day MUNI 'Passports'. We're gonna use the hell out of 'em tomorrow.

Steph is snoring, so it's off to bed for me, too. Can you guys in the Bush St. and Grant Ave. area keep it down a bit? We're trying to sleep here...

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