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Addt'l San Francisco Notes

I kept saying "You will make and glue tiles!" to Steph during our walking yesterday. This morning, I found a referer in my web server log to this message board posting that sheds light on the nature of the that we saw on Sunday.

I suppose I knew it had to be a "copycat" tile, if only because that area of Geary was resurfaced, as best as I can tell, in 2004. The "original" tiles from the 80's have to be scarce, if any even exist anymore. I'm vaguely disappointed, in a way, but also vaguely pleased and happy. I feel like I should learn how to make and glue tiles... *smile*

We found a camera case and a 512MB SD memory card near the Golden Gate Bridge. We went thru the photos on the card last night, and I think there's enough information in one of the pictures that we should be able to contact the original owners and get the pictures back to them. I like doing nice things-- I hope it works out.

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