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Aftermath of the Hurricane Ike Aftermath

We had high winds (60 - 70 MPH) yesterday, and this morning Stephanie and I drove around looking at the aftermath. You really don't see a fallen tree like this one every day. I particularly like how the sod pulled up in a nice, straight edge along the sidewalk, without actually damaging the sidewalk.

We found out, in speaking with the neighbor, that the tree fell on a minivan. Alas, we weren't able to get a look at the van. (I think the neighbor was a little saddened that this guy walking around with a camera wasn't The Insurance Adjuster. Oooh-- sorry. So close. I'm The Attitude Adjuster.)

You can see the "before" on Gooogle Street View. The color of the tree owner's house has changed, but it's the same place. The ill-fated van is visible in the garage of the neighbor's house, assuming you follow Street View north one "click".

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