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I am not a teenager. I play one on the Internet.



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Am I even going to bother?

It seems a bit pointless for me to even have this thing if I'm not going to bother to ever put anything onto it. Oh, well...



Some biographical about me, since it seems pertinent:

I was born on July 18, 1977 in Greenville, Ohio, US. I live near Dayton, Ohio, US presently.

I worked for a little ma' and pa' single-shareholder corporation for about eight (8) years earning lots of money for my corporate master, working eighty (80) hour weeks, and generally being unhappy and dejected. I gave up that glamorous lifestyle in July 2004 to start my own company. Now, I'm a self-employed information technology consultant / hired gun.

I like to code. I was nineteen (19) when I started at my previous job, and it sucked the soul out of me. I used to sit up and code fun little toys, but that ended when I started working "for real". Hopefully, now that I'm out of that grind I'll be able to contribute to some open source projects. I'm particularly interested in working to "commoditize" some vertical software industries if only to see companies that I hate get run out of business.

I am particularly interested in intellectual property law in the United States and in the ways that the "democratization" of technology is causing our societal rules to change in ways that law isn't keeping up with. I take it upon myself, every change I get, to talk to my friends about the idiocy in intellectual property law, and how the copyright cartels are stealing from each of us by killing the public domain.

I used to read. When I did read, I liked Neal Stephenson, Sarah Vowell, Oliver Sacks, Lawrence Lessig, Bruce Sterling, J.R.R. Tolkien, Vernor Vinge, David Sedaris, Issac Asimov, Ayn Rand, Douglas Adams, Larry Niven, Laurie Garrett, William Gibson, David Rackoff, and Maggie Estep. I hope to read again sometime. I ought to post thoughts about some books sometime, too. That'd be nice.

I like movies. Pretty much any movie, actually. I'm definitely not well schooled, when it comes to film appreciation. I'm even less well versed in film than I am in literature. Movies are fun, though, and I like to have fun. I don't feel too guilty that I haven't seen "the clasics", much in the same way that I haven't read "the classics".


Okay, so I told Steph...

I told Steph about the "blog". I guess that means that I'll keep it up.

She laments that I don't email her like I used to. I hope that she won't resent that I'm posting here when I could be emailing her.


So, I have a blog now.

Okay, so I have a blog now. I've finally got the CSS mostly sorted out. I want to break the colors out into a separate CSS file so that I can play with colour themes. Oh, holy shit-- I just said that. I've become a theming kiddie. Shoot me in the head. Twice. With an elephant gun. At point blank range.

This was my first major work with CSS, and it's tiresome. Everything rendered fine in IE, and when I got home and used Firefox, it didn't. I keep thinking I understand the box model, and then all hell breaks loose. Tedious!

So, now I need to be trendy and "syndicate" myself. That or, perhaps, post about something interesting. Both, I think, are unlikely.

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