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Aftermath of the Hurricane Ike Aftermath

We had high winds (60 - 70 MPH) yesterday, and this morning Stephanie and I drove around looking at the aftermath. You really don't see a fallen tree like this one every day. I particularly like how the sod pulled up in a nice, straight edge along the sidewalk, without actually damaging the sidewalk.

We found out, in speaking with the neighbor, that the tree fell on a minivan. Alas, we weren't able to get a look at the van. (I think the neighbor was a little saddened that this guy walking around with a camera wasn't The Insurance Adjuster. Oooh-- sorry. So close. I'm The Attitude Adjuster.)

You can see the "before" on Gooogle Street View. The color of the tree owner's house has changed, but it's the same place. The ill-fated van is visible in the garage of the neighbor's house, assuming you follow Street View north one "click".


KAP Signs Apology Letter - Fulmer / Hocks Confirmed

Remember the Fulmer and Hocks sign changeup picture?

A letter of apology from the sign installer, KAP Signs, confirms that it really did happen! I'll excerpt the letter, posted on the City of Vandalia, Ohio web site, here:

Unfortunately, my installers were not thinking ahead when they began the removal of the existing Fulmer signs and started from the right side of the building working to the left to complete the project. ... They remedied the situation as quickly as they could but by that time, evidently, photographs had been taken by several bystanders.

I love living in a world where everyone with a cell phone has a decent digial camera on their person most of the time. I also love having such a local connection to a Megaflicks-like happening.


Hocks Pharmacy Update

It figures that I don't have the pictures available now to put up, but I wanted to at least post the facts: The Hocks Pharmacy pictures appear to be legit. The store in question now bears a red and white "HOCK'S" logo, as depicted in the photograph.


Fulmer Supermarket in Vandalia Becomes Hocks Pharmacy?

The story is that the old supermarket in has become a location. Assuming this is true, the sign on the store would have to be changed. A Customer passed me this yesterday:

We're going to drive down to that location and see what's really up. The red-on-white letters don't match the Hocks website, and the possessive "Hock's" is incorrect, as well. Perhaps it's just branding inconsistency between the brick-and-mortar and online stores. We'll post a picture when we know more.

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